Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few more giveaway winnings!

The last 2 of my giveaway winnings arrived yesterday, although I'm actively trying to win more for those baskets! :o)

This cute Washcloth Lollipop (made with 1 take and toss spoon and 1 Baby washclothwas from Joy of Mommy Making Memories! She was so accommodating and was able to fulfill my request of a purple and white Washcloth Lollipop! If you have a baby shower coming up you need to buy for, you need to check out her items!! So adorable! 

This item was the second item we won from Shop*Zebra Bows. You can't tell from this picture, but this is a ring...a very large, really cool white heart ring! I recommend checking out her items. There's an eclectic mix and a little something for everyone!

Speaking of giveaways...don't forget that tomorrow is the beginning of our Monthly Blog Giveaway where you could win this beautiful hooded scarf! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy Giveaway Winnings, Batman!

Today was an awesome mail day! Part of my fundraising, is taking the time to enter online giveaways and donating items I win to put into baskets which we can sell drawing tickets for at our Relay event. These giveaways can be addicting! LOL Anyway, all the wonderful online businesses I've won from have been so kind. I recommend all of them and their products are sooo cute!!!! 

Today in the mail, we received crocheted purple "croc" type shoes for a size 4.5 by Loops In Loops. These are ADORABLE and all of her items are just as amazing! My pictures totally do not do these justice!

Also in the mail was this uber cute cupcake onesie from Shop*Zebra Bows She offers a wide variety of sweet items. Go check it out!

Last in the mail today was these yummy Chocolate Easter Bunny earrings handmade by Carneen at Spotted Frog Designs All of her beads and charms are lovingly made and so detailed!

Last week we received these fun items from TC Creations! The tooth fairy pillows are so cute I'm having a hard time convincing the youngest that we're not keeping them (I did let her keep the apron that Tammy made, so I'm not completely heartless LOL)! And I really wish these bibs were in adult sizes! The minky fabric on the back is so soft! 
If you are also crafty and hand make items, you don't have to wait for me to win something! ;o) If you would like to donate an item to our gift baskets, please email me at and I can give you more information.

Grrrr...Crochet Injury

I've apparently been crocheting a wee bit too much lately as I've re injured my wrist. So, it's being rested for a day or 2. I'm taking this time to slowly (I am typing one handed LOL) catch up on networking and posting some new Etsy listings. But, I really want to crochet! LOL When I get back to it, look for a new adaptation of the Custom Made Awareness Ribbon Crocheted Bag as I have plans to try an Autism Awareness version. Don't forget to look on our Monthly Blog Giveaway tab for ways you can enter to win starting April 1st!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Sock Monkey Failure?

I don't know why I get these ideas in my head sometimes. Especially when it comes to sewing. I can sew pillowcase dresses just fine, but beyond that I'm not good at it. Not that I couldn't be good at it, but I really don't enjoy it much and so choose not to better my skills. However, once an idea gets in my head, there is no rest until it is tried. I found a website that was 9 steps to a sock monkey. I thought, I can do that. Well, I created something, but I'm not sure it could be called a monkey. We've decided it's so hideous it is endearing and are calling it the Endearing FrankenMonkey. Don't worry, my days of sock monkey creating are over (unless of course there's a huge demand for the Endearing FrankenMonkey). I can sleep tonight without the idea bugging me and we're currently working on ideas on how we can use our Endearing FrankenMonkey for fundraising purposes. We're thinking of putting him on people's desks at work and they have to pay $1 to have him removed and for another $1 can name the person's desk he's removed to. Maybe he'll just be our Mascot. Any thoughts? :o)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Well, maybe not weather wise, but my hook and yarn have been working overtime making flowers! I've been crocheting some really cute flowers with button centers. Some are large, some are small. Not sure what I'll end up doing with them. I'm thinking of taking them to our Relay event and offering people the choice of turning the smaller ones into a bookmark, or adding a safety pin and making them a brooch/hat pin. I don't have pics of the assorted small ones, yet, but here are a few of the larger ones. A Daffodil and an Irish Rose (click on flower names to view patterns and make your own garden!). 

Daffodil w/ a daffodil my son "found" on the ground. (Sure hope so, as we don't have any in our yard!)

Using it as a little vase. Right now I'm using it to hold my yarn needles. It works great for that!

Irish Rose

I attached a safety pin to the back and then attached it on to this adorable Newsboy Hat made by my best friend, KeriAnne!

Visit KeriAnne's shop, Hats For Humanity, where for every hat you purchase, she will donate another hat to a humanitarian aid center!

On today's agenda, more Crocheted Embellished T-Shirt Dresses! Maybe I'll attach a flower to one. LOL
Look for pics coming soon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to Raven's Rascals Blog!

Hi all and welcome!

I've been putting off creating a blog for our Relay for Life Team for a couple of reasons. First, I manage 3 other blogs and I was afraid of becoming a blog addict. :o) Second, I'm trying to actually spend more time creating, rather than spending time on the computer. But, I really want a place to share information with you about Relay, cancer, American Cancer Society programs, information about our Etsy shop, etc., so a blog seems like a great way to accomplish this.

My name is Rachel and I'm the Captain of Raven's Rascals Relay for Life Team. The team currently consists of Hubby, my 4 children ages 15 to 5, my mother, and myself. This is my 5th year of Relay and our 2nd year as a family team.

We have had so many family members affected by cancer, but one of our main reasons for Relaying is my Father-in-law who was lost to cancer before I had a chance to meet him. From all the loving stories I've heard about him, I have really missed something not being able to have met him and my children are missing out on someone who would have undoubtedly been an awesome grandfather. We Relay to do our part in finding a cure for this deadly disease and to help those currently battling it.

Some ways we fundraise: 
1. Etsy shop where 100% of the proceeds is donated to the ACS. 
2. Donation only garage sale in June
This one is fun for us and the buyers! We solicit items from our friends, family and neighbors and hold a garage sale where nothing is priced. The buyer can choose an item(s) and with a donation of their choosing, the item is theirs! Whatever items we have left at the end of the sale are donated to our local Discovery Shop, an American Cancer Society thrift store. 
3. Put together gift baskets to sell drawing tickets for or enter into our event's silent auction.
4. Change Jar
We have a large plastic container that we put all our spare change into, including all money I find in the washer/dryer! (Last year I found a whole $20!) Just in change alone we had over $100 by our Relay event's end!
5. Online donations are always welcome!

These are just some of the bigger ways we fundraise. I hope to use this blog to fundraise of course, but to also share information on programs and happenings with the ACS.

Thanks for following us! We really appreciate all the support we been shown in this worthwhile venture!