Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy Giveaway Winnings, Batman!

Today was an awesome mail day! Part of my fundraising, is taking the time to enter online giveaways and donating items I win to put into baskets which we can sell drawing tickets for at our Relay event. These giveaways can be addicting! LOL Anyway, all the wonderful online businesses I've won from have been so kind. I recommend all of them and their products are sooo cute!!!! 

Today in the mail, we received crocheted purple "croc" type shoes for a size 4.5 by Loops In Loops. These are ADORABLE and all of her items are just as amazing! My pictures totally do not do these justice!

Also in the mail was this uber cute cupcake onesie from Shop*Zebra Bows She offers a wide variety of sweet items. Go check it out!

Last in the mail today was these yummy Chocolate Easter Bunny earrings handmade by Carneen at Spotted Frog Designs All of her beads and charms are lovingly made and so detailed!

Last week we received these fun items from TC Creations! The tooth fairy pillows are so cute I'm having a hard time convincing the youngest that we're not keeping them (I did let her keep the apron that Tammy made, so I'm not completely heartless LOL)! And I really wish these bibs were in adult sizes! The minky fabric on the back is so soft! 
If you are also crafty and hand make items, you don't have to wait for me to win something! ;o) If you would like to donate an item to our gift baskets, please email me at and I can give you more information.


Rough Magic Creations said...

What a lovely idea! This is the kind of giveaway where everybody wins!

Raven's Rascals said...

Thanks! I still get the thrill of "I won, I won!" and have fun putting together baskets. It's been a blast the 2 weeks I've been at it! :o)