Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Craft Room (toy room, kitchen, living room...) Overhaul

Wow, I'm horrible at keeping up with the blogging. Maybe this latest project of mine will keep me more organized. Probably not, but one can dream, right?

It all started one day when I saw this picture:
Click on the picture to read the blog post about this amazing wall!

I read the "how-to" on the blog post and thought that a pegboard yarn wall would be AWESOME!!! I discussed with Hubby and showed him the pics. He agreed that it would be pretty cool looking. So we started thinking of logistics. I had two large Billy bookcases from IKEA currently holding my yarn that needed a new home. We had been talking about using part of the toy room as a "pantry" and decided the bookcases could be used for that. On the toy room wall was 3 3x3 cubeicals that now needed a new home. I took 2 of them into the craft room and the other one now lives by the washer/dryer as storage for the laundry area. It replaced the freezer which moved into the new pantry area. Now, all those toys and books that were on the 3 cubeicals needed a new home which meant that the rest of the toy room needed to be reorganized and purged. The kitchen also received a full overhaul as we moved items to the new pantry. So far my little idea of a yarn wall was turning into a major project involving 3 rooms! My SIL helped last week with the toy room/pantry area/kitchen. I cannot even tell you how much stuff went to our local thrift store. But by the end of the week, the toy room/pantry looked amazing and as an added bonus, the living room bookshelves also received a makeover to house our collection of Nancy Drew, Black Stallion and Little House collections.  That was last week. Now on to this week. I'm by no means done with the craft room (that will probably take another day or two), but I am done with the yarn wall that started it all so I thought I'd share some before and after pics!

Drum roll please......

Here are some after pics from the other rooms. I forgot before pics which I'm kind of kicking myself for. :)
Living Room Bookshelves
New pantry area

Toy Room bookshelves and toy drawers

Improved toy room layout

New dress up chest
 Alright, now back to finishing up the craft room! Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my recent projects! :)