Wednesday, March 21, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Wow! I had so many Works In Progress last week that I forgot to post!

This week has been all about the granny and the Rapunzel.

I'm participating in a 12x12 square swap. It's a great group of ladies (55 of us!). We'll be swapping squares and will end up with enough for 2 blankets! The 2 blankets I make will be used for fundraising for the 2013 Relay for Life season. All of the patterns for the squares I'm using can be found at Crochet Pattern Central. Here are some pics of the squares I've completed so far.

I've also been continuing work on the Rapunzel Beanies (pattern by The Sheepish Hooker). I'm trying to do a variety so I can have enough pics and practice to start selling them. When last we left you, I had completed one without the flowers. Here are some pics of that one with flowers completed and the red one I finished. Currently in progress is a brown one (I don't have pics quite yet) and once that's done, I can take pics and get this bad girl listed. :o)

My only other accomplishment this week was destashing my yarn stash. There's an album on our facebook page with yarn for sale if you're a fellow yarn lover like myself. 100% of the proceeds after paypal fees and shipping is going to the American Cancer Society!

That's it for us! We'll be making more squares and finishing up the Rapunzel beanies this week. After that, I think I'll be trying a chicken hat from a new pattern!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

I have some fun items that are currently Works In Progress!

1st, we cover the items I have done, but will be making a lot more of before our Relay for Life event in July! These Playin' Hooky Discs are AWESOME! They really fly and they really don't hurt if you get hit by one. We're anxiously awaiting the warmer weather to try them outside, as they fly so well, it will be fun to see how far they can go. Our walls keep getting in the way!

Next up we have the Crocodile Stitch Boots by Lianka of Bonita Patterns! I've finished the right boot, and half way done with the left. I love this pattern! Easy to follow and so cute and classy when finished!

And last, but certainly not least as far as my youngest daughter is concerned, is the Rapunzel Crochet Dress Up Beanie pattern by The Sheepish Hooker. This beanie is complete except for the 20+ flowers I still need to make and attach. She is excited to wear this to Disneyland when we go this fall and I am having a hard time keeping it off her head! She even wanted to wear it to kindergarten this morning! I made the 4+ size which she will definitely be able to grow into (and she's 6yo). It's large enough an adult could wear it if I made the braids longer. In fact my 15yo had it on her head so I could braid it! LOL

That's it from here. I hope to make a Leprechaun Ski Beanie this week and we'll see where else the week takes me! Until next time!