Friday, August 12, 2011

Where I've been...

First, the good news! We're all fine, healthy and excited that thanks to a wonderful last donation, our Relay team, Raven's Rascals, has reached our $1500 fundraising goal!!! YIPPEE!!!! The 2011 Relay season has ended and we're gearing up for 2012!

Now, why I've been MIA from this blog! I think I bit off a bit more than I can chew at the moment. Happens all the time with me! I will eventually get to the regular blog posts I have dreamed about and envisioned, but summer vacation, 4 kids and not having a craft space have frustrated my efforts to be fundraising and informing more. I have dreams of creating and listing more items on etsy as well. Great news on these hurdles, too. The kids will be going back to school in about 25 days and my super cool and ever generous husband has decided for his sanity and mine (mostly his as he's tired of tripping over yarn) to give up the incomplete extra room affectionately known until now as the Man Cave and turn it instead into the Craft room! I'll have a room all my own to set up as a base of operations! Watch out world!!!

Now, this will take a bit of time, but I'm hoping within the next 2 months I'll be moved into my space and going gungho on creating, informing and fundraising!!!

Thanks for sticking with us!!!