Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Sock Monkey Failure?

I don't know why I get these ideas in my head sometimes. Especially when it comes to sewing. I can sew pillowcase dresses just fine, but beyond that I'm not good at it. Not that I couldn't be good at it, but I really don't enjoy it much and so choose not to better my skills. However, once an idea gets in my head, there is no rest until it is tried. I found a website that was 9 steps to a sock monkey. I thought, I can do that. Well, I created something, but I'm not sure it could be called a monkey. We've decided it's so hideous it is endearing and are calling it the Endearing FrankenMonkey. Don't worry, my days of sock monkey creating are over (unless of course there's a huge demand for the Endearing FrankenMonkey). I can sleep tonight without the idea bugging me and we're currently working on ideas on how we can use our Endearing FrankenMonkey for fundraising purposes. We're thinking of putting him on people's desks at work and they have to pay $1 to have him removed and for another $1 can name the person's desk he's removed to. Maybe he'll just be our Mascot. Any thoughts? :o)

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KeriAnne said...

I love the desk idea!