Wednesday, January 25, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Time for another edition of Work In Progress Wednesday!

Click on the pic to find the pattern for the hearts!

I know you are all anxiously awaiting the Valentine's Day heart count! I'm up to 11!! Only 39 more to go! I've now made it a personal goal to finish 3 a day. 

This weekend I tried a technique I've been wanting to try. I made some yarn out of t-shirts! I then used the yarn I made to crochet this cute tote bag. 
Pattern for t-shirt tote bag can be found here: Squirrel Productions

I've learned that making t-shirt yarn is more of an all body workout than one would think and that you should wear gloves while stretching it to avoid blisters. But while it takes more work than I thought, there's something very satisfying about re-purposing an item, so I think I'll continue to make these! 

And last but not least is this earflap hat I made. I took my Mohawk Hat Pattern from the Needle Nerd and instead of adding a mohawk, I used some novelty yarn to add stripes. I really like the look and will be making more of these to sell!

Check back next week for the latest creations from Raven's Rascals!

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