Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Well, maybe not weather wise, but my hook and yarn have been working overtime making flowers! I've been crocheting some really cute flowers with button centers. Some are large, some are small. Not sure what I'll end up doing with them. I'm thinking of taking them to our Relay event and offering people the choice of turning the smaller ones into a bookmark, or adding a safety pin and making them a brooch/hat pin. I don't have pics of the assorted small ones, yet, but here are a few of the larger ones. A Daffodil and an Irish Rose (click on flower names to view patterns and make your own garden!). 

Daffodil w/ a daffodil my son "found" on the ground. (Sure hope so, as we don't have any in our yard!)

Using it as a little vase. Right now I'm using it to hold my yarn needles. It works great for that!

Irish Rose

I attached a safety pin to the back and then attached it on to this adorable Newsboy Hat made by my best friend, KeriAnne!

Visit KeriAnne's shop, Hats For Humanity, where for every hat you purchase, she will donate another hat to a humanitarian aid center!

On today's agenda, more Crocheted Embellished T-Shirt Dresses! Maybe I'll attach a flower to one. LOL
Look for pics coming soon!

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KeriAnne said...

Thanks Rae! Miss you!