Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special Thank You - Maly Creations

I won an item of my choice from Maly of Maly Creations. I chose a beautiful yellow embroidered silk handbag. When I told Maly I'd be donating it, she immediately offered to send even more items! Let me tell you, when I opened the box that came I was overwhelmed! Such variety and craftsmanship all in one living room table! I'm still in awe at Maly's generosity!

The purse that began it all! Isn't it gorgeous? Sorry for the bad pics, weather is not cooperating. Crossing fingers that it will dry out and stay cool for this weekend!

3 Wine Cozies - only in our case for Relay, they'll be sporting bottles of sparkling cider.

This is an organizer bag. You could literally put all your skin care/makeup in this bag, keep it open at home and when you need to go somewhere, close it up with the magnetic snap and then cinch it and you have a very stylish carryall for your items without having to pack or unpack! Could also be used as a diaper bag!

Awesome, sturdy handbag

I love this sling bag!

This is a Gadget Case for your iPods, etc. Love the flower that's stitched on!

I can't say enough about Maly! She carries a wide variety of items and I can tell by the items that I received they are all of extreme quality and durability!

Check out her etsy shop linked above or on her website.


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