Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Special Thank You – Ellura Sage

I can't wait to share Ellura Sage with you! I've seen a lot of boutique items lately and have entered quite a few giveaways. Prices vary widely and truthfully, I'm glad I've won some of the bows for the 5yo because I just wouldn't splurge on an item for the hair (I know, I know, but I'm a SAHM who loves to budget! LOL) no matter how beautiful and tempting it may be...and it is tempting! Jessica of Ellura Sage has the most exquisite items and in my humble opinion, the pricing is phenomenal! I, in all my budget glory, would not hesitate to buy from her! Items are wonderfully made and so inexpensive you feel like you're getting away with something!

Ok, I promise I wasn't a paid advertiser! But when I won an item of my choice from her shop, my jaw almost fell off it fell open so hard! Anyway, back to the story. I chose the Lavender Peony Hat and Headband set. GORGEOUS!!! And Jessica was so kind as to include a flower clippie for the 5yo so she wouldn't be too bummed that she, under no circumstances was keeping this set. :o)

Jessica has some awesome specials right now on her webpage (as if the pricing wasn't already super reasonable!). A code for 15% off and a free clip with purchase for liking Ellura Sage on facebook!

So check out Ellura Sage. I think you'll be glad you did!


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