Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Product...Funtastic Flower Flyers!!

Funtastic Flower Flyers are coming soon to Raven's Rascals Etsy store!

But first, a little history about the Funtastic Flower Flyers. I was crocheting flowers to bring a little Spring into my life and to use some really cute buttons I had purchased. I thought I could probably sell them on Etsy as an embellishment to others' projects. One of my kids asked me what I was making, so I grabbed the side and threw it at them. It flew just like a flying disc! We started playing with them in the house. If it hit one of us, it didn't hurt! We still had to be careful with the knick knacks, but we had a lot of fun. 

However, before we could advertise them as a Funtastic Flower Flyer, we needed a commercial and more product testing. The commercial was needed so people could see how they worked. A trip to the beach was the perfect solution! The Funtastic Flower Flyers worked just as well outside as inside, even in the breeze! We had fun shooting the commercial (currently being edited by my talented oldest daughter) and thought all was well. And then, it happened. 

The seagulls! Apparently large colorful crocheted flowers look like food to a seagull. After a while there was a flock of them. At first if one came near the flowers, they would pick it up, but put it down again. Eventually, it looked like they finally understood that the flowers were not food and they slowly started to disperse. But, kids will be kids and my son thought it would be fun to throw the flowers right at the seagulls and see what happened. Well, what happened was a seagull took off with one of the Funtastic Flower Flyers! We watched him as he flew off over the houses and decided that we'd attempt to find the flower in the hopes that he'd drop it somewhere. Long shot, I know, but he had taken off with everyone's favorite flower! We guessed which street he may have ended up on. We got lucky! We found the culprit next to our flower! However, the luck didn't hold as he had landed on a roof that was impossible to get up on. 


We checked back the next day in the hopes it had blown off, but it had only blown off to the other side. Then the last day, it was gone completely. So, if you're in Seaside, OR, keep an eye out. You may become the proud owner of a Funtastic Flower Flyer! And we now know that the Funtastic Flower Flyer needs to come with a warning label: 

Caution! This product is seagull approved! If playing near seagulls be warned that they may mistake the Funtastic Flower Flyer for their next meal and fly off with it!

Look for our Funtastic Flower Flyers to be listed soon!!

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KeriAnne said...

Cute! Can't wait to see the commercial!