Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Special Thanks - Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo

Today's giveaway winning brought to you by:

Mindie from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo, is first of all, my kind of gal! I LOVE BACON! And she has posted some really yummy recipes! Her blog is a fun read, full of great ideas and information. We recently took place in a giveaway she had and WON! So, as is our habit, most of our giveaway winnings go into the Relay for Life Gift Baskets which we'll sell drawing tickets for at our RFL Event in July. I say most, because (as I knew it would happen), my 5yo saw the extremely cute headband and claimed it as her own!

But, we still have 2 more uber cute flowers going into the baskets!

Both can be used in the hair, on a hat, and the red, white and blue one even has a pin on the back. :o)


*Disclaimer (of sorts): Please note that any item donated to us directly for use in our gift baskets go into our gift baskets regardless of how cute the 5yo deems them. However, we do reserve the right to do with our giveaway winnings as we like, which for us usually means into the Relay Basket, but can sometimes mean we keep it. :o) Thanks!

1 comment:

Mindie Hilton said...

Well I can't blame your daughter, she has good taste if I do say so myself ;)